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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

An affordable, low profile switch with "press anywhere" activation. Value: $65
The Ellipse 6 offers the same features and functions as the Ellipse 3 (above), but offers a larger switch surface. Value: $70
It's been called the most comfortable writing instrument in the world. These wishbone shanped pens are ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour... View Details
This adaptable keyboard incorporates many ergonomic design features to provide strain-free, comfortable operation. Value: $300 
The ERGOMAX chair offers mobility and prevents dangerous pressure on sensitive disks. ERGOMAX's unique, patented design provides dynamic seating that... View Details
Designed for office and industrial use, such as data terminal and light factory assembling tasks, the ERGOREST® system combines forearm support with... View Details
Spill resistant technology utilizes high quality silicon membrane to reduce the damage that spills can cause. Built-in numeric keypad provides... View Details
The Expert mouse offers: Six DirectLaunch™ buttons for instant access to Web sites and applications, steel bearings for smooth cursor movement and... View Details
The EZ reach keyboard is available in multiple layouts and offers:Unique columnar key layout reduces hand motion, a small footprint that takes less... View Details
No more repetitive bending or stretching when something is out of your reach. The superior rubber cup design and industrial strength makes it easy to... View Details
This kit combines five different body sensors into one complete package for convenient switch assessment. The sensor of your choice will respond to... View Details
Teaches motor skills! This recessed button encourages isolated touch and is designed to help your child gain the motor skills which are necessary for... View Details
A wearable switch for persons with limited mobility. Designed in the bio-engineering labs at The University of Rhode Island. Switch can be customized... View Details
Made for that special user! The slightest movement of the finger will activate your device. The switch is easily attached with an adjustable Velcro... View Details
The Mini completely replaces your existing keyboard and mouse with a much smaller package that packs a lot more power and capability. Gesture input... View Details
This is a barn-shaped activity center. It has a tractor on the front with a cart behind it, a bucket beside the cart, and piece of fence on the end.... View Details
FL4SH is a scanning communication device. It delivers limitless access to an infinite number of messages that can be changed on the fly–and that... View Details
Activated by bending the black rubber tip in any direction; up, down, forward, and backward! Attached tubing is bent to facilitate positioning.... View Details
The Hearing Helper System helps listeners overcome background noise, reverberation, and distance from the speaker in classrooms and small groups,... View Details
The Easy Listener personal FM system can be used with hearing aids or as a stand-alone hearing system to help combat background noise, distance to... View Details