The ATIA exhibit hall is a very exciting place to be. It is like Christmas morning for assistive technology fans.  I saw lots of tools this year that caught my eye.  Here are a few:

  1. Co:Writer Universal: While I have used Co:Writer for years and really like Co:Writer Universal, I wasn't aware that it now incorporates  Speech Recognition. A microphone symbol is placed right in the word prediction list so the user can just press the corresponding number to launch it. This will be great for words that a user is not able to spell close enough for word prediction to guess. In case Co:Writer Universal is new to you, it runs across platforms, even on a Chromebook. More information:
  1. N-ABLER Pro: I recently found that the Traxys joystick I have always relied on as a go-to solid joystick option is not longer available. This new joystick is very similar. One feature this joystick offers is a button that performs an "anti-tremor" feature. Similar to the Traxsys joystick, it cover with three grips. You can also hook up two switches. Can't wait to try this joystick out! More information:

  1. VOCCA Pro: This is a voice activated light. What I like about this one, which was funded through KickStarter, is that you can program the voice trigger to be anything you want. It is set up through an app. You only need the app for initial set-up of the voice trigger, which is great, as not all people personally have a smartphone. It worked great in the exhibit hall, even with all the noise in the exhibit hall. More Information:​


So much to learn!

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