One of the best sessions at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference (  was on how to create Accessible STEM Content with Krista Greear from the University of Washington.  She set the conceptual framework for the presentation by talking about 5 critical terms to fully understand and make sure all stakeholders are on the same page when speaking about STEM and Accessibility; Accessible, Text to Speech, Screen Reader and LaTeX.

The first step is to OCR text with a software that understands math, such as Infty. Then we discussed using MathType, an add-on to MS Word, which will allow the user to fix any equations that the OCR did not render properly.

Finally, MathML is a mark-up language designed for the web and has been designed to be accessible with a screen reader.

There is a resource called Math Support Finder (MSF) which is an online tool that helps you identify the right combination of technologies needed to read math. Simply select your favorite tool(s) and access mode(s), then let MSF show you the unique combination of technologies required to read math using braille, audio, or however you prefer.

So much to learn!

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