Lauren Enders, MA, CCC-SLP, is a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in AAC, and she has shared some very useful information on low-cost apps.  Her presentation on Low Cost Apps for Teaching Core Vocabulary categorized apps as: 

  1. Apps developed for the “masses” not specifically designed for children served by special education
  2. Apps developed specifically for children with disabilities

Apps designed in the first category are lower cost and typically have a longer “shelf life” where the child wants to continue playing the app. They are also generally more fun, engaging, and creative.

Goal for Communication: SNUG






Suggested apps to target core vocabulary:


            Sago Mini Bug Builder ($2.99)

            Create a Monster HD ($.99)

Whimsical or Theme-Based Interactive Activity Apps

My PlayHome ($3.99)

My PlayHome Stores ($2.99)

My PlayHome School ($2.99)

Workday Dentist ($.99)

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant ($2.99)

Toca Hair Salon Me ($2.99) (Toca Boca apps are great)

Storybook Apps

            The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

            Brave Rooney ($1.99)

Customizable Content Apps

            Explain Everything ($2.99)- interactive whiteboard

Reading/Phonics Apps

            Word Wizard- talking moveable alphabet & spelling for kids ($2.99)

            Planet Read ($0.99)


You can explore Lauren’s incredible Pinterest page  for more apps, ideas, and products.



So much to learn!

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