iPad and iPod Touch with Environmental Controls

iPads with environmental controls can improve the independence for individuals who would not be able to access certain appliances.  

Sample App

Works with Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control products (separate purchase required). For full capabilities and purchase, please visit www.logitech.com/harmony-remotes.

Turn your smartphone into a powerful universal remote. This app gives you control of your entertainment devices, including TV, DVR, Cable box, Receiver, PS3*, Wii*, Xbox 360 and more. Personalize screens and control with swipes and taps. Not even closed cabinets and walls can stop its control.

• Control entertainment devices with your smartphone, when paired with Harmony Ultimate, or Harmony Smart Control
• Start entertainment Activities such as Watch TV, Listen to Music or Play PS3 with a single touch
• Choose up to 50 Favorite Channel icons for quick access to your Favorites
• Swipe or tap your thumb to control the volume, channel, and FF / REW, etc
• Control devices inside closed cabinets. Hide the clutter of your entertainment devices and never worry about pointing your phone at your TV
• Everyone in the house can download the app and personalize their Favorites and gestures
• Compatible with over 225,000 devices 
• Compatible with IR/Bluetooth® game consoles*