NuLooq Navigator from Logitech

The NuLOOQ navigator from Logitech® is designed to ease the time-intensive elements of design such as navigating images, adjusting option values, and accessing menus and to help creative users work smarter. It allows you to adjust brush size in Photoshop, or text attributes in InDesign, timeline in video/audio applications or just control your system volume; make fine adjustments with a feather touch using the touch sensitive circular disk. With two Finger Navigation you can gently nudge the gray ring forward, backwards, up, down, twist clockwise or counter clockwise to navigate around your digital picture, illustration, documents, spreadsheets or anything you can program. Control, what, where and how fast to navigate with just two fingers!

A simple click or tap and quickly execute your shortcut command. The integrated sensor with 1000 levels of resolution detects even the minutest motion in multiple directions simultaneously. Move the ring a small amount to move slowly or move it all the way to get to where you want quickly. Highlight include:

  • Adjust brush size in one pixel increments in Adobe® Photoshop® CS2 without ever moving a slider or clicking on a shortcut key
  • Fine-tune font attributes such as leading, tracking and more in Adobe InDesign® CS2 without using the option bar
  • Scroll and zoom your documents, spreadsheets, digital pictures or more with the smallest movement of the gray ring
  • Scrub timelines in Final Cut Pro® or iMovie quickly or slowly
  • Change volume or music tracks in iTunes™ quickly while it runs in the background
  • NuLOOQ navigator is user configurable for virtually any application

Value: $35