Tobii S32 Speech Device

The Tobii S32 is a communication device that plays pre-recorded messages, activated simply by touch. The Tobii S32 is available in two models, Touch and Scan. The S32 Touch is for people who have no problem using their hands to touch the symbols and pictures. The S32 Scan is a switch/scan model, made for people who can’t use their hands effectively but instead use switches to navigate to their choice of picture or symbol.

The Tobii S32 can also be used to control the user’s environments such as lights, small appliances, adapted toys, televisions, VCRs, or DVDs. And every S32 includes a copy of Tobii SymbolMate so that overlays can be made and printed from your computer. The S32 can store up to 192 cards at the same time and has a 2 GB SD card that holds over 60 hours of high quality sound. With such a large recording capacity, you can store words and phrases, funny moments, stories, personal information, communication books or even entire music CDs. The built in bar code reader keeps track of all the 192 different levels and page sets, allowing you to focus on communication.

Built in ECU - The Tobii S32’s built in IR can also be used as an environmental control unit (ECU) to control lights, small appliances, televisions, VCRs, or DVDs.