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Ongoing Support Makes Managing AT Easier

Advancing Opportunities understands the challenges schools face as more and more students with disabilities are in their classes. In an effort to increase a school's capacity for serving these students, we have created an Ongoing Support Contract

In addition to offering schools access to assistive technology professionals throughout the school year, the ongoing support contact eliminates the need for requesting and waiting for an approval for each individual evaluation or training that is needed.

Under the ongoing support contract, our consultants will visit the school on a regular basis to meet with instructors and support staff, as well as work with students on technology solutions to enable them to achieve educational success. We will also train school personnel to be more proficient in providing materials in accessible format, and supporting assistive technology in the classroom. 

Find out what a district that uses the Ongoing Support Contract has to say.

Benefits of the Ongoing Support Contract

  • Utilize technology you already have to better meet student needs
  • Empower teachers and professionals to perform AT trials themselves
  • Consistent support; less paperwork
  • Emphasis on outcomes over evaluation
  • Make budgeting for assistive technology services easier
  • Ensure students receive follow-up training and support
  • Introduce concepts of Universal Design for Learning in all classrooms
  • Save money -- Ongoing Support is Billed at Our Lowest Rate

For more information on setting up an Ongoing Services Contract, please contact Vanessa Lombardo by calling 609-218-1232, or email vlombardo@advopps.org.

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