Praise for the Ongoing Support Contract

For the past few years, the Maple Shade School District’s Special Education Department has utilized the services of Advancing Opportunities for all of our Technology Assessments. We have found their organization to be competent, efficient, and willing to work within our time frames and to our specifications with various levels of support needed.

Specific strengths of the organization are as such:

  • Timely reports that are comprehensive and well written
  • Quick turnaround time from referral to receipt of written report
  • Creative recommendations and adaptations to utilize
  • Reports are well written and easily interpreted
  • The entire process is “family friendly” and parents are welcomed to be part of the process
  • Follow-up is well thought-out, and Advancing Opportunities excels at problem solving strategies
  • Warm and friendly staff who are eager to help
  • A high level of professional competence in all that they do

The students and their families have appreciated the “human touch” that Advancing Opportunities provides, and the staff has welcomed their strategies, suggestions and the adaptations that they recommend for utilization in the classroom. In a time of financial restraint, we appreciate Advancing Opportunities’ commitment to work within our budgets and to be creative when making their recommendations. We have met with great success with the students that have been evaluated by Advancing Opportunities.

Rob Sandusky
Director of Special Education
Maple Shade School District