Smarthome touch screen interface

With the wide availability of smart phones, iPads, and wifi in homes, adding just one more layer of smart technology can give increased independence and safety for people with disabilities.  Most people can understand that for people with physical disabilities, being able to control doors, lights, music, tv, from your smartphone or wheelchair opens up greater independence.  But did you know that adding voice control can make choosing music to play that much easier for people with developmental disabilities.  And that having sensors on the doors can allow parents of a child with autism a warning if that child starts to open the door.  What might seem like a luxury to some becomes an everyday necessity to others.  

But there are a lot of factors that go into choosing a smart home solution.  What exactly do you want to control? Will you use a smart phone, a switch, or your voice to control it?  Do you have some existing technology that it should be compatible with?  How far away are the things you need to control from your wifi router.  We always recommend trying out the technology before making a purchase, so visit the Technology Lending Center section of our website to get started.  

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