Success Stories

kelly.jpg DVR in the Mix Keeps Things Moving Smoothly Navigating the transition from high school to college can be a challenging process for anyone. Adding technology to the mix presents a whole new set of challenges. Kelly is an 18-year-old college student at... Continue Reading AT Solutions for Transition
Here's a great example of a student success story from our friends at Bookshare. Member Alex Clark Video of Member Alex Clark Continue Reading Bookshare Success Story
Finding the Right Combination Maureen lives in a supported living apartment, and drives her own power wheelchair using a chin joystick. Her speech is understood by some very familiar listeners, but not by others. Maureen wants more freedom to communicate with more people. Two of our staff members... Continue Reading Finding the Right Combination
Jacqueline had recently moved from a developmental center to community placement. During the day, she attended a program at Abilities. This site was wheelchair accessible, but she had trouble transferring onto the toilet. grabbar.jpg One of our rehabilitation... Continue Reading Grab Bars for Smooth Transfers
Melissa attends Richard Stockton College and is considering a career in social work. Attending classes, completing assignments, studying and getting organized is a lot of work for any student but for Melissa, it was becoming overwhelming. Melissa's DVR counselor referred her to Advancing... Continue Reading How Voice Recognition Software Can Help
charlotte.jpg When our staff met Charlotte, she was in the second grade and just starting to fall behind the rest of her class. Charlotte has cerebral palsy and had trouble holding and controlling her pencil. Charlotte's school district wanted to hire an aide to act... Continue Reading Laptop Makes the Difference
As we support students who struggle meeting standards, often times a single Assistive Technology Evaluation is not enough to fully meet their needs. Many times we recommend technology that is quite complicated – not the kind of tool you’d want dropped into your classroom without any support to go... Continue Reading Ongoing Technical Support
Abigail began her first semester at college this past September and has been an assistive technology user for years. While attending high school, she used various software programs to help her with reading, an area she struggled with throughout school due to dyslexia. Abby also found spelling very... Continue Reading Software Can Make Reading and Writing Easier
Tess uses a Tobii augmentative communication device. After trying many different types of switches to activate the device, it was decided that Eyegaze technology would work best for Tess. One of the benefits of using this kind of a device is that it lets Tess initiate communication. Visit our... Continue Reading Using Eye Gaze Technology with AAC
bignotype.jpg John works in one of the New Jersey’s One Stop Career Centers as an Employment Counselor. He recently returned to work after surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Upon his return, as per his doctor’s orders, John was unable to type for... Continue Reading Voice Recognition Software Gives Wrists a Rest
swivelchair.jpg Karen worked for an Independent Living Center as an Information and Referral Specialist. She uses a walker for mobility and can’t sit in a standard office chair for longer than 15 minutes before she needs a break. Her employer took the initiative and... Continue Reading When an Accommodation Needs an Accommodation