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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

Oversized trackball that requires oly a sall amount of force to move. Also features left click, right click and drap-and-drop buttons that can be... View Details
A wireless integrated switch platform that allows you to do mouse button clicks wirelessly, even when moving your head. WISP can also act... View Details
Wobble Switch
The Wobble Switch is a single switch that can be activated from any direction by large movements. Value: $140
Allows user to operate an electronic device using a switch. Touch Sensor detects skin contact and no force is required to activate the switch.... View Details
Wow-Pen JOY Optical Mouse
The Wow-Pen JOY Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse combines break-through comfort with a host of productivity enhancing features unlike any mouse on... View Details
With X-Keys Pro, you can create a custom controller for an application with just the right layout and keys positioned exactly where you want them.... View Details
Compact, low-profile device that accepts up to 3 wired switches or pedals.
Zephyr Electric Stapler
Uses an easy-to-load cartridge of 5000 staples #50050. Motor-driven mechanism reduces noise in the work area. Throat adjusts to a depth of 1". 
The Zero Tension Mouse™ allows you to rest the arm and shoulder on the cradle for the hand. If you keep the mouse relatively close to the body the... View Details
Large print, high-contrast keyboard with fuction keys tat, when held down, each perform a zoomtext function
Loud and clear audio amplification in a small device that features two microphones. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for up to 8 hours.
The Tile Mate is a small Bluetooth tracker that easily attaches to just about anything, such as keys, a wallet or backpack. It is used to find items... View Details