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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

This high-definition handheld magnifier goes from 1.25x to 20x zoom, has 28 select color modes, adjustable brightness, a 3-hour rechargeable battery... View Details
A powerful screen reader with text magnification, word prediction and on-screen keyboards in many languages
Penta Switch
Penta Switch is five switches in one, and is used to control any device that requires five single switches for operation. It has a 9 pin D female... View Details
Pererro is a simple, compact, plug and play adapter that works effortlessly with any Apple device, providing access to all features, without the need... View Details
Left-Hand Ergonomic Vertical Mouse. Specifically-designed for BIG left-hand users, fitting the natural position of palm and wrist muscle. 6... View Details
Phillips Hue LED Starter Kit
Control lights using your smartphone, without re-wiring your home! Works with Alexa for voice control (Hue Bridge hub required and included, Alexa... View Details
Quick Release Button: Press button on back of unit to slide open and then take out mobile phone. Press the arms on both side to clamp mobile phone... View Details
The Pillow switch features a soft, foam 3.25-in/8-cm activation surface that requires 6-oz/180-g of activation force. Provides auditory click and... View Details
Pinch Switch
Great for teaching prehension skills! This versatile switch is small enough to be held in a child's hand. Activated by even the slightest pressure.... View Details
Plate Switch
The Plate switch is a very thin membrane switch, excellent for individuals with very little strength or range of motion. Value: $72 
These silly penguins just love to slide and glide! Each penguin takes a turn to climb to the top of the mountain only to slip and slide all the way... View Details
Multi-purpose pocket device that functions as a book reader, web radio station and podcast player, and a recorder.
Portable Fold Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Fold it and put it in your pocket! Sleek and slim design, folding and ergonomic bluetooth design. Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery. Sixty-six key... View Details
Portable Mini Bubbler
Provides hours of enjoyment! Clouds of floating bubbles pour out of our magical Bubble Blowing Machine. Fun and easy to use, just add the Bubble... View Details
Power Link
The PowerLink® 3 control unit gives students the ability to control most electric appliances, tools and toys with single switches. PowerLink 3... View Details
Device that allows users to control up to 2 electronic devices through single switches. ALso features 6 modes of control that define how long and in... View Details
This comprehensive resource provides detailed information and a range of templates to support the production and use of Pragmatic Organisation... View Details
Premier 1400 Instant Letter Folder
The Premier 1400 will handle up to 4 sheets of most standard paper styles. Hand-fed, this unit is extremely simple to operate and service. Value-... View Details
The Pretoria Switch 2 Scan is a unique interface providing comprehensive, scanning, switch access to all iPad functions – including Apps, music and... View Details