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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

This recessed button surrounded by a rubber shell is useful for those who have limited motor skills.
Designed for those with limited mobility, this wearable switch can be plugged into a computer port.
Multiple models, it is unclear which one to choose as they are designed with specific environments and users in mind.
Finger Works - USB
The Mini completely replaces your existing keyboard and mouse with a much smaller package that packs a lot more power and capability. Gesture input... View Details
Fisher Price Pop-up Farm
This is a barn-shaped activity center. It has a tractor on the front with a cart behind it, a bucket beside the cart, and piece of fence on the end.... View Details
FL4SH is a scanning communication device. It delivers limitless access to an infinite number of messages that can be changed on the fly–and that... View Details
Metal rod switch activated by bending the rubber tip in any direction with 6.5-oz/180-g of force.
Hearing Helper
The Hearing Helper System helps listeners overcome background noise, reverberation, and distance from the speaker in classrooms and small groups,... View Details
FM System- Easy Listener
The Easy Listener personal FM system can be used with hearing aids or as a stand-alone hearing system to help combat background noise, distance to... View Details
Four Bean Holder
A switch holder for four Jelly Bean Switches making it easier to place multiple Jelly Bean switches in a fixed position Value: $110
Franklin Language Master
Franklin Language Master is great for individuals of all ages who are challenged by blindness, visual or speech impairments, learning disabilities or... View Details
The visual supports you can create and use with First Then Visual Schedule (FTVS) HD have proven to be especially beneficial for the following... View Details
G.R.I.P. Pad
The G.R.I.P. Pad (Gadgets Remain In Place) is a patent pending, unique, non skid, slimline lap or vehicle platform that holds objects in place on the... View Details
Glidepoint Smart Cat
The Smart Cat features an exceptionally roomy touch surface and provides the ultimate in comfortable touch navigation. Optional software and button... View Details
Go Go School Bus
The Go Go School Bus, is a remote control or switch-operated toy. This school bus zooms around when the controller is used, or it can be activated by... View Details
Augmentative Communication Device Go Talk
The GoTalk series is a lightweight, durable, low-tech Augmentative Communication device. Available in 4 square, 9 square, and 20 square layouts,... View Details
Six message keys with five levels give the user plenty to talk about. Overlays slide in easily and are stored in a removable compartment on the back... View Details
The Goldtouch Comfort Mouse is designed from the ground up to give the wrists, hands, and fingers a well-deserved upgrade for mousing comfort.... View Details
GOODEE Voice Amplifier is of high quality which provide a good sound and protect your throat easily, you can use it whenever indoor or outdoor, such... View Details
The GoTalk 20+, a lightweight, and portable communication tool features 100-message capacity. It includes all of the simple GoTalk features, with... View Details