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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

Large wired switch with 4.5in/11.5-cm activation surface. When activated, makes an audible click and gives tactile feedback. Requires 5.3 oz/150g of... View Details
Big Buddy Switch
Big Buddy is a larger version of the Buddy Button, measuring 4.5" that is activated by pressing anywhere on the top surface. The Big Buddy has... View Details
Big Keys Keyboard (PC ABC)
Available in various layouts and color schemes, these large-key keyboards are perfect for anyone who struggles with standard sized keys. Great for... View Details
Keyboard with enlarged keys for those who may require larger keys to properly operate a keyboard. Keys are 1 sqaure inch large, and the keyboard can... View Details
SIngle message generated speech device that allows users to record a single message up to 2 minutes long. Press 5-in/12.7-cm activation surface or... View Details
Big Red
Big Red Switch is a single switch measuring 5" that is activated by pressing anywhere on the top surface. For ease of use, Big Red has been designed... View Details
Big Step-by-Step
With 75 seconds of recording time, you can record as many messages as you need. Each touch of the 2 1/2 inch activation surface plays and advances... View Details
Keyboard with large, 1-inch keys that are color coded to help users identify whether they are vowels, consonants, numbers, or punctuation marks.... View Details
Record any single message directly into the BIGmack and press its large activation surface for up to 2 minutes of playback. Students with visual... View Details
BIGtrack Mouse
The BIGtrack is a valuable tool for users who lack fine motor skills which a regular mouse requires. The BIGTrack allows you to settle the cursor in... View Details
USB mouse with a 3-in/7.62-cm trackball and enlarged left and right click buttons. Has a drag to lock feature.
Single or dual switch access through a bluetooth connecion to iOS, Apple OS X, WIndows, Google Chrome, and Android devices.
Bogen (Magic) Arm
Bogen (Magic) Arms are mulit-use articulated arms for mounting and positioning equipment. A key element for any wheelchair/powerchair mounted devices... View Details
Mechanical arm used for precise positioning through a single lever that locks 3 pivot points. Fits 5/8" female sockets and has a universal 1/4... View Details
Wireless braille keyboard that synchronizes with your PC. ALso functions on its own as a notetaking device.
Buddy Button
Buddy Button is a single switch measuring 2.5" that is activated by pressing anywhere on the top surface. The Buddy button has tactile and auditory... View Details