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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Could not locate item, name was not specific enough as it is merely a type of switch.
Put 'Em Arounds
These talking wall communicators give users the ability to initiate communication throughout their day. Record your message (20 seconds) and allow... View Details
Smartphone earpiece with high fidelity sound, voice command functionality, and multipoint technology.
Augmentative Communication Device QuickTalker 12 and 23
We are very excited, we have finally received our QuickTalker12, and QuickTalker23 for the Technology Lending Center. QuickTalker Communication... View Details
Kit of various Ram mounts for the iPad.
RC 3000 Speakerphone
The RC-3000 Speakerphone is a telephone with features useful to people with disabilities. A call is placed by pressing the On/Off button, which dials... View Details
Handheld refreshable braille display for desktop computers and mobile devices
Switch-acessible trainable infared remote that provides simplified control of infared devices.
Two-way communicator that works with your existing phone line and has 4 programmable phone numbers, allowing users to call 911 in one movement.
Ribbon Switch
The ribbon switch is activated by bending in either direction. The switch itself is soft to the touch for comfortable use by the hand, arm, or head... View Details
Switch that can be plugged into various devices, or paired via bluetooth. Uses a directional pad with a select button in the middle to operate.
This product is a joystick with mouse functionality. Has 3 joystick handles that can be easily attached and removed. This joystick also requires... View Details
Rocker Switch
The Rocker Switch is a dual switch meaning two single switches in one. It has a 3.5mm stereo plug which can be adapted to act as two single switches... View Details
This product is a joystick with mouse functionality. Has 2 interchngeable handles, a t-bar and a foam ball. This joystick also requires minimal hand... View Details
Mouse subsitute that uses a trackball to scroll. Also features buttons to replace mouse features like clicking or dragging, and 3 jack sockets for... View Details
Mouse subsitute that uses either a t-bar or foam ball to scroll, both of which are interchangeable. Also features multiple scrolling speed options,... View Details
Mouse subsitute that uses a trackball to scroll. Also features multiple scrolling speed options, and buttons to replace mouse features like clicking... View Details
Rollerball - Penny and Giles (Mac)
This alternative mouse has an easy-to-roll ball, is sturdy, and offers more control than a traditional mouse or trackball. Mouse cursor stays in... View Details
Ergonomic mouse subsitute with 8 buttons to replace major mouse functions, customizeable click force and cursor speed, and positioning that puts the... View Details