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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

Alternative Communication Device Crespeaker - Talking
Speaks clearly in complete sentences! Plain-speaking communicator is practical for everyday use! Highly affordable, highly portable, handheld device... View Details
This USB switch box allows for easier use of accessible software by detecting the software that is running and formatting its switches accordingly.... View Details
Daisy the Duck
Quack quack! When you activate your capability switch or squeeze her wing, Daisy the Duck will flap her wings, shake her head and jump up and down... View Details
A morse-code based computer attachment that plugs into a USB port. It is a method of alternative input for those who are capable of communicating... View Details
Digital Voice Recorder VN-180
The Olympus VN-180 digital voice recorder can be taken anywhere, weighing only 2.3 ounces, and records up to 180 minutes with built-in flash memory.... View Details
Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly... View Details
Touch-based tablet that generates speech for communication. Comes in 3 different sizes, 7" 10" and 15" diameter respectively.
This miniature keyboard is useful for those who rely on one hand, or have muscle weakness. Compatible with Windows?? 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.
EASYergonomics Expert Pen
They have been developed especially for children in an ergonomic shape that is appropriate for their age and hand size. Special designs are available... View Details
Edmark USB Touch Window
The TouchWindow allows consumers to use a computer by simply pointing to and touching a computer monitors while using software. The TouchWindow takes... View Details
Eldon Height-Adjustable Tilting Footrest
Work comfortably with less fatigue with help from this adjustable footrest. Select from 3 heights to obtain the correct ergonomic positioning. Change... View Details
Ellipse 3
An affordable, low profile switch with "press anywhere" activation. Value: $65
Ellipse 6
The Ellipse 6 offers the same features and functions as the Ellipse 3 (above), but offers a larger switch surface. Value: $70
This keyboard has white keys for higher contrast, as well enlarged characters. Useful for those who have low vision loss.
Ergo Sof Pen Again
It's been called the most comfortable writing instrument in the world. These wishbone shanped pens are ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour... View Details
Ergologic Keyboard
This adaptable keyboard incorporates many ergonomic design features to provide strain-free, comfortable operation. Value: $300 
Ergomax 2000
The ERGOMAX chair offers mobility and prevents dangerous pressure on sensitive disks. ERGOMAX's unique, patented design provides dynamic seating that... View Details
Ergonomic Arm Rests/Ergo Rest Forearm Supports
Designed for office and industrial use, such as data terminal and light factory assembling tasks, the ERGOREST® system combines forearm support with... View Details
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Ergonomic Keyboard
Spill resistant technology utilizes high quality silicon membrane to reduce the damage that spills can cause. Built-in numeric keypad provides... View Details