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The Technology Lending Center is now a free service for New Jersey residents. Anyone with a disability who would like to trial assistive technology can contact us, sign up for free, and begin borrowing right away.

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Available from our Technology Lending Center . . .

Partner/Plus Stepper
The Partner/PlusStepper has a stepping feature that enables the user to record a sequence of messages for up to a total time of 60 seconds. This is... View Details
PC Switch Interface - Don Johnston
The PC Switch Interface moves easily from Macintosh to PC computers — no setup software required! Connect up to 5 standard switches to run switch-... View Details
Penta Switch
Penta Switch is five switches in one, and is used to control any device that requires five single switches for operation. It has a 9 pin D female... View Details
Phillips Hue LED Starter Kit
Control lights using your smartphone, without re-wiring your home! Works with Alexa for voice control (Hue Bridge hub required and included, Alexa... View Details
Pillow Switch
The pillow switch allows you to place calls, answer calls or control any phone function by putting gentle pressure on the switch. Value: $109 
Pinch Switch
Great for teaching prehension skills! This versatile switch is small enough to be held in a child's hand. Activated by even the slightest pressure.... View Details
Plate Switch
The Plate switch is a very thin membrane switch, excellent for individuals with very little strength or range of motion. Value: $72 
Portable Fold Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Fold it and put it in your pocket! Sleek and slim design, folding and ergonomic bluetooth design. Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery. Sixty-six key... View Details
Portable Mini Bubbler
Provides hours of enjoyment! Clouds of floating bubbles pour out of our magical Bubble Blowing Machine. Fun and easy to use, just add the Bubble... View Details
Power Link
The PowerLink® 3 control unit gives students the ability to control most electric appliances, tools and toys with single switches. PowerLink 3... View Details
Premier 1400 Instant Letter Folder
The Premier 1400 will handle up to 4 sheets of most standard paper styles. Hand-fed, this unit is extremely simple to operate and service. Value-... View Details
Proloquo2Go® is an award-winning symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to over 75,000 individuals around the world who are unable to... View Details
Put 'Em Arounds
These talking wall communicators give users the ability to initiate communication throughout their day. Record your message (20 seconds) and allow... View Details
Augmentative Communication Device QuickTalker 12 and 23
We are very excited, we have finally received our QuickTalker12, and QuickTalker23 for the Technology Lending Center. QuickTalker Communication... View Details
RC 3000 Speakerphone
The RC-3000 Speakerphone is a telephone with features useful to people with disabilities. A call is placed by pressing the On/Off button, which dials... View Details
Ribbon Switch
The ribbon switch is activated by bending in either direction. The switch itself is soft to the touch for comfortable use by the hand, arm, or head... View Details
Rocker Switch
The Rocker Switch is a dual switch meaning two single switches in one. It has a 3.5mm stereo plug which can be adapted to act as two single switches... View Details
Roller Plus Trackball
TRAXSYS' Roller Plus line are the most adaptable mouse substitutes on the market. Available in a 2.5" trackball they have six buttons that support... View Details
Rollerball - Penny and Giles (Mac)
This alternative mouse has an easy-to-roll ball, is sturdy, and offers more control than a traditional mouse or trackball. Mouse cursor stays in... View Details
Ruby Hand Held Video Magnifier
For the many people who need help reading text and seeing details because of low vision, traditional magnifying glasses work only up to a point. The... View Details