Welcome to the Assistive Technology Center,
New Jersey’s online resource for information and equipment. 

We help people with disabilities, their families, teachers and employers identify and learn to use the technology that will be most effective in meeting their goals.

Home and Living

Whether you are looking for safe means of entry and exit, greater independence in the kitchen or bath, or strategies for performing activities of daily living, our team can help you find just the right tools and devices.

School and Learning

We have helped integrate children with disabilities into regular classrooms all over the state. From computer access alternatives to educational software solutions, our staff is on top of the latest technology. ​

Work and Earning

We understand the many different types of barriers that keep men and women from working.  Whether you need special software or equipment to access a computer or need a workstation modified to meet your specific needs, we can help.

Augmentative Communication

People who cannot use speech to express themselves can use augmentative and alternative communication to convey their messages. AAC methods include picture and symbol boards and a variety of devices that can generate speech.