Welcome to the Assistive Technology Center, New Jersey’s online resource for information and equipment. We help people with disabilities, their families, teachers and employers identify and learn to use the technology that will be most effective in meeting their goals.

We offer:

  • RESNA certified staff
  • Thorough assessments
  • AAC Evaluations
  • Trials of equipment before purchase
  • Training and support
  • We come to you!

The Assistive Technology Center staff provides workshops and trainings to help teachers, school personnel, parents and employers learn about what kinds of technology are available and how to implement them. Our trainings can be customized to fit specific needs.

Funding for the Assistive Technology Center comes from Disability Rights New Jersey, the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Our Team

Asher Charlamagne Technology Lending Center Coordinator Garth Heid, ATP Assistant Director of Assistive Technology Services Judy Nigl Administrative Assistant Karen L Gliniecki, M.S., C.C.C. - SLP Augmentative Communication Specialist Kate Flaxman, MS, CCC-SLP Augmentative Communication Specialist Kristen Russell, OTR, ATP Assistive Technology Specialist, Computers Michael Graham, OTR/L Assistive Technology Specialist Sally A Hagarty, MST, ATP Assistive Technology Specialist Tara Wohltman, OTR/L, ATP Assistive Technology Specialist