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Advancing Opportunities’ mission is to achieve full societal participation for all people with disabilities.

How We Can Help . . .

Assistive technology can help make homes more accessible. It can also help people with disabilities care for themselves more easily and help families care for and support a member with a disability.

We Offer:

  • Safer Entry and Exit
  • Greater Independence in the Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Environmental Controls for Telephones, TVs, Electronics

Here’s how to begin

  1. For individuals and families already registered with the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities Supports Program, the process begins with a discussion with your Support Coordinator about independence goals and barriers. Ask what barriers might be able to be removed through the use of assistive technology, or through making your home accessible. People not registered with DDD, can call us at 888-695-0845 or 609-882-4182 for more information.
  2. Your Support Coordinator can call us to discuss what you are looking for, so that we can make sure we can give you the guidance and expert support you need.
  3. Your Support Coordinator can then submit a referral to us through the iRecord. Since there are some options, we can give them guidance when they contact us.

What Happens Next

Once your referral has been received, a member of the Assistive Technology Services department will contact you to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We will come to your home and assess the individual’s abilities and independence goals to see what type of assistive technology or home accessibility would work best.

Success Stories