Grab Bars for Smooth Transfers

Jacqueline had recently moved from a developmental center to community placement. During the day, she attended a program at Abilities. This site was wheelchair accessible, but she had trouble transferring onto the toilet.

One of our rehabilitation technicians worked with Jacqueline’s therapist and the staff at Abilities to evaluate the restrooms and Jacqueline’s ability to transfer. Since the stall space was very tight, it made sense to transfer Jacqueline onto a shower/commode chair before getting into the stall, and then helping Jacqueline to wheel into the stall from there. To tap into as much of Jacqueline’s ability as possible, they found a way for her to help with the transfer, by adding additional grab-bars on the wall outside of the stall.

Leaving the developmental center can be a scary step in someone’s life. By helping the staff in the community placement provide an accessible space for her, we hope to let Jacqueline know, she is welcome, and can have her needs met in the community.

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