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How We Can Help . . .

We understand the many different types of barriers that keep men and women with disabilities from working. We also understand that there’s no one solution or single answer to getting beyond those barriers. Advancing Opportunities offers:

  • Highly qualified staff
  • Up-to-date technology
  • One-Stop Shopping, support from evaluation to purchase through implementation

Working with the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, our staff has helped hundreds of people enter or re-enter the workforce by using assistive technology to create solutions unique to their circumstances.

How to Request Our Services

For consumers registered with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the process begins with a discussion with your DVR counselor about vocational goals, and barriers. Ask what barriers might be able to be removed through the use of assistive technology. For ideas of how assistive technology has helped others, visit our AT Solutions at Work page.

  • The DVR counselor completes the referral application available by emailing
  • The DVR counselor submits the form along with a voucher, via email

Once we receive an approved application, a member of the Assistive Technology Services department will schedule an appointment for an evalution. We will come to the home or workplace and assess the individual’s abilities and employment goals to see what type of assistive technology would best serve them. If needed, we will facilitate a short-term trial of the device, to confirm that it will help meet the goals before recommending purchase.

Based on the assessment and trial, we make a recommendation to the DVR counselor. Once the recommendation is approved by DVR, we can order the equipment. We then can help train on the new assistive technology to ensure it’s being used effectively and producing a satisfactory outcome.

Individuals not registered with DVR, can call us for more information at 888-695-0845 or 609-882-4182.

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