A Final Graduation Story – Feel Good Friday

As June comes to a close, as with it graduation season, here is one more pretty amazing story to share.

Austin Whitney, 22, graduated from UC Berkeley this spring with a dual major in History and Political Science. The summer in between his graduation from high school and the start of his freshman year, Austin’s spinal cord was severed at the hip in a car accident, resulting in paraplegia from the waist down.

Austin, clearly being a man of strong will and determination, began his freshman year on time and graduated in four years.

During his junior year, he began working with members of the Robotics and Human Engineering Lab, a research group at UC Berkley. They began working on developing exoskeletons or wearable robotics to enable Austin to walk during Berkley’s graduation.
It was many, many months in the making, but Austin did walk on graduation day.

Read the full article here.

Check out this video. Share it with anyone aspiring to work in the field of engineering. Anything is possible.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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