A new way to access a computer for an individual that cannot use their hands.

A new product that has come out on the market for individuals with disabilities who aren’t able to move their hands but are able to move their heads is the Glassouse. The Glassouse was created by a designer who had a friend who wasn’t able to use his hands but was able to move his head and he needed to be able to use a computer for work. With the Glassouse an individual would wear the glasses frames which contains a laser and a mouthpiece that the user can bite to select or move around the screen. The Glassouse connects to a device using Bluetooth and acts as the devices cursor. The frames contain a laser that allows the user to move around a device using just their head movement to move the cursor.

To select an item or move around or pan around the screen the user would simply bite down on the mouthpiece using different mouth pressure. The mouthpiece is made of silicon and is washable. The mouthpiece has been tested to withstand 500,000 clicks by a user. Glassouse is made to work with devices that have a cursor such as a computer running windows and different tablets.

The downside to this product is that it does not work with devices that don’t have cursors built into the device such as Apple products. The Glassouse is very similar to a head mouse except that the user is wearing the device on their head instead of the device being mounted on a computer. The Glassouse is the only product that has been created by this company. Priced at around $400 it’s a good price for a device that allows a user that isn’t able to use their hands but is able to move their head the ability to navigate a computer and select items on a computer.


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