Franklin Language Master

Franklin Language Master is great for individuals of all ages who are challenged by blindness, visual or speech impairments, learning disabilities or dyslexia. A lightweight hand-held dictionary offering full speech controls to read screens or speak individual words at the speed you choose. At less than 6" square, it is also lightweight. Low vision users will appreciate the large-type display option, high-contrast screen and black-on-white QWERTY keyboard. For blind users, orientation features include active screen announcing and raised dots on location keys. Headphones can be used for private listening and without disturbing those nearby.

It features:

  • 130,000 words and 300,000 definitions, 500,000 synonyms (words with similar meanings) and over 10,000 antonyms (words with opposite meanings)
  • 11,000 Classmates (category words - for example with tiger you might also find cheetah, lion, cat) - A Franklin exclusive!
  • Phonetic Spell Correction (type the word like it sounds)
  • Installed grammar guides enables you to write or speak with confidence
  • Large screen, 3 font sizes showing up to 8 lines of text and adjustable screen contrast
  • Hear the pronunciation as needed with the press of a button
  • Port for Headphones (sold separately) so you can listen to your device in private and without disturbing those nearby

Value: $130