The iTalk2 dual-message communicator gives students the freedom to choose between two activities, such as listening to music or a story. iTalk2 is also perfect for asking and answering questions, telling jokes and making comments in social situations. With 2 minutes of recording time, the possibilities are endless. Add a toy or appliance for immediate positive reinforcement and to enhance messages.

Using the iTalk2™ Communicator will provide opportunities for students to experience the advantage of two-message communication. They now can be engaged in learning communication skills by commenting, making choices and telling jokes. Students will gain the experience of using new language in a variety of environments. It is important to provide communication opportunities so every student has the chance to learn the power of communication.

  • Dual toy/appliance jacks so you can easily pair communication with a fun activity
  • Easy to record messages
  • Instructions printed right on the device
  • Angled for easy access
  • Two snap caps included
  • Picture Communication Symbol storage area is built in
  • Ten seconds per activation area
  • Two 2.5" activation surfaces

Available from: Enable Mart
Price: $145