Syncing Language and Technology: Using the iPad in Speech Therapy

We’re sharing some great information we learned in attending ATIABeth Harmon and Brenna Donovan  teamed up to compile this session: Syncing Language and Technology:  Using the iPad in Speech Therapy.

This session gave a guideline for constructing and using Topical Communication Boards to expand language skills with AAC users and students with limited verbal skills. The topics focus on some favorite iPad apps used by all children.

Why use Topical Communication Boards?

  • Strong motivation factor for students
  • Increases utterance length
  • Increases vocabulary

How do Topical Communication Boards differ from other communication systems?

  • They have symbols, pictures or printed words that contain core and fringe vocabulary only  relevant to a specific topic or activity or app
  • They are not phrased based
  • They may have a row of fringe vocabulary on the top row and core vocabulary consistent with other boards below
  • They may have topic specific vocabulary only
  • They are NOT a substitute for a Communication System or AAC Device

Check out Beth’s blog : to see examples of beautiful Topical Communication Boards for apps, books and games!

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Some highlighted iPad apps include the following:

  • Toca Kitchen Monsters
  • Angry Birds
  • Build a Train
  • Balloonanimals
  • Feeding Animal Fun

So much to learn!

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